A letter to my 11 year old self 

Dear 11 year old Krazykoala, 

You are an amazing person and will achieve a lot in the next few years and will continue to through your future! You are soon moving to secondary which is a big leap but you will find it quite easy I don’t know how but you will make loads of new friends in upper years yet not a lot in your year! You will have a boyfriend for some part of your second year but please if you don’t feel anything for him don’t go out with him it’s stress you do not need! Stress will be something big in your life that you have to deal with and you may even become upset and struggle a lot with it but near the end it will be easier and you will feel happy. So don’t give up on anything you will over come! Also your performing will see you land a lot of roles in shows! And you will make and hold onto some of the best friends! Just be positive and stay strong and you will make it! Oh and 1 more thing…….a certain 2 YouTubers you discover in early 2016 will ruin your life so just a heads up ok! All the best your teenage self X  



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