Bring it back! 

So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about all the old TV programmes that used to be on but don’t show anymore! Now what I’ve found out is THEY WERE THE BEST! They were very harrowing and scary but just incredible. All the TV shows now on are all happy and chirpy and all about morals but in my days they were all about scaring the soul out of the child! Now these shows I’m about to list were truly amazing but I wouldn’t recommend watching at 3am they still creep me out several years later.(just tap on the name and it will take you to an episode I’ve found and enjoy really bad quality and creepiness) Also these shows may seem quite young for a teenager but at the time they scared me and were the best so I thought once again I’d tell the world and hope someone can relate 



Scorpion island 

Relic Guardian of the museum

Story time!!!

So funny little story here for you when I was around the age of 6 I was so obsessed with Trapped I used to “Pretend” to be on the show!! I don’t know why………
Haha! Enjoy (: sorry for any emotions caused while watching but these shows were just SO good and they get forgotten about! So I thought I would unleash my inner child and show you them 

See ya later my Krazies 


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