The stages of extreme fangirling 

Ok ok I know I go on about this a lot but as most of you know fangirling is something I do (all the time) so to those who maybe don’t know what I have and do go through this is for you. 

1: you discover and like the thing 

2: you enjoy the thing and find out a lot about them 

3: you follow them on all social media 

4: you go onto tumblr

5: you get sucked into the world of fanfic and hot photos that have been deleted from all other internet places

6: you watch or listen to everything that person has brought out 

7: you become obsessed 

8: you read to much fanfic 

9: you sit down on your bed every night all night and play sad music while scrolling through tumblr 

10: you make sure all push notifications are on 

11: you cry every time they post anything anywhere 

12: you wish you were the one they texted and talked to every night 

13: you cry all day everyday because of them 

14: you turn into a permanent stalker 

15: you don’t stop talking about them

16: you make references to them either where not good or where no one understands them

17: you spend your whole day dreaming of them I MEAN EVERY SINGLE DAY

18: anytime they leave the country you cry and mourn them 

19: you write fanfics 

20: your life is ruined 

So yeah……..that’s what I have and do go through so haha laugh at how much of a messed up person I am! See ya later my Krazies X  



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