Sleepless Night 2 

So! Once again I can’t sleep /: So here’s another Sleepless night! Enjoy! 

Question 1: Name I thing that is on your mind? Having an organised phone 😊

Question 2: What time is it? 03:47am 

Question 3:how long have you been awake? Well since yesterday 

Question 4: what have you done in this time? Well….I’ve downloaded 2 apps so I’ve been sorting them out and talking to friends and YouTube….

Question 5: Are the birds singing? No not yet!

Question 6: who would you most like to spend tonight with? Um I don’t know I’m being quite antisocial probably my friend Cecilia…’s her 15th birthday while writing this! 

Question 7: Do you think you’ll get any sleep? I hope so…..I do have a busy day tomorrow 

Question 8: one random word to sum up your sleepless night?antisocial

Question 9: what is one wish you wish could happen? To fall in love and to live out all my dreams 

Question 10: what time did you get to sleep?

Question 11: 1 random fact about you? I’ve liked 3,882 posts on tumblr in 3 months haha tumblr is most of my life! 

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll leave you with this……. See ya later my Krazies X 


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