Why going outside scares me 

I don’t know if this is a problem or not but the reason I spend 99% of my life in my room or inside is because as the title suggests the outside scares me! I’ll just give you a minute to laugh and unfollow…………Haha ok I’ll tell you the reasons why otherwise that wouldn’t really go well on my part would it……nothing ever does! On with the reasons Krazykoala stop ranting!!!!!

Reason 1: when ever I’m in public even if I’m walking I’ll end up tripping over crossing infront of a car dropping half my stuff or some other really awkward and murdeous situation and when I end up in these situations I will either cringe laugh or say “OH MY GOD!” Out loud! WHICH IF YOU DIDNT KNOW MAKES THE WHOLE THING WORSE!!!! So yeah…..

Reason 2: I’m very dirty minded (creds to Dan Howell for that and my friends Izzy and Roes thanks guys really appreciated) so when i say something quite inoccent to any normal person to me I just said something very graphic…..for instance today in drama I’m not going to go into detail but I basically said something in tune with cha cha slide and well we were hot seating at the time (when you ask questions to someone and they have to awnser what the character would say) and yeah I ended up cry laughing and cringing at the same time…thankfully the teacher didn’t hear GOD CAN YOU IMAGINE IF SHE DID!!! So yeah I shouldn’t be allowed near other humans…..

Reason 3: ok so recently I’ve downloaded an audio book (don’t judge it’s freakin amazing!) and there are some funny/cringe worthy parts in there and well I do anything I would I cringe/laugh at it….yet when your on the underground IN RUSH HOUR IN LONDON that’s quest hard to keep under control so yes I do get a lot of weird looks while with headphones in………

Reason 4: I don’t like talking to people if someone strikes a “hello how are you?” I will reply but I won’t carry on the conversation I will just say “good thanks” and pretend to get a phone call….. Only on somedays though I’m not that bad of a human…..well 

Reason 5: unless it’s USA weather it’s cold….. So that means I will most likely not go outside…..

So……….yeah I SAID I WAS WEIRD!!!!!! So if this hasn’t put you off then feel free to come back for more… OH GOD EVEN THAT WAS BAD so now I can’t even have an Internet life great…most my life is on the Internet though…… But there are weird people out there so this probably is quite normal…. See ya later my Krazies X 


2 thoughts on “Why going outside scares me ”

  1. I used to be like that, living in my room 24,7 but then I found dance and you can’t keep me in the house! You’ll find me at my happiest in an empty room with a sprung floor and wall full of mirrors with my company by my side 😂 X

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