A-Z of Krazykoala 

So once again I was being antisocial and listening to my TABINOF audiobook (Yh I FINALLY got it!) (I’m listening to it right now on the train (AUDIO CEPTION!) and they do the “A-Z of Dan and Phil” and I thought I would do one! Once again it would be great to see what you put down so feel free to use this idea!! I’d love to see them! 

A: antisocial 

B: Blogging 

C: Cringing 

D: Dan and Phil 

E: eating 

F: friends 

G: gleeking 

H: Hot chocolate 

I: Internet 

J: jokes 

K: Krazykoala 

L: laughing out loud 

M: music 

N: nope 

O: oh no there was homework?! 

P: phandom 

Q: queuing 

R: replying to texts 

S: singing 


U: ugh 

V: videos 

W: weird person 

X: X factor 

Y: YouTube 

Z: zzzzzzz 

Short yet quite fun post! Let me know what you think! As I said feel free to use it! See ya later my Krazies 


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