The friendship tag 

Hello world! Today once again I’m being social!! Today I’m joined by my amazing friend and class mate A (we are keeping her full name private for personal reasons) Right onto the post! 

Me and A go quite far back. Well not loads but we know each other quite well I would say, We always have a good laugh and it’s just crazy! So I thought we could do the friendship tag! And see how well we actually know each other! So let’s get started! (Btw I’ve put me as KK)  just going to warn you this might be quite a long post so feel free to grab a hot drink or a snack and enjoy! 

This is how it’s going to work where it says A: that is what she said and in the brackets is the actual answer! 

1: How did you meet? 

It was at school and we were asigned homework buddys 

2: Who is your best friends hero?

A: Phil Lester (Lilly sighn or Carrie Fletcher

KK: Maddie from dance moms (Yup)

3: if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

A:  Vidcon (South Africa but I would love to go Vidcon) 

KK: Australia (yup definitely somewhere hot) 

4: What is your favourite colour?

A: turquoise (egg shell blue) 

KK: Baby blue (all sorts of blue and green and black…(then she went into a whole rant about colours))

5: What is your favourite food?

A: Pizza (yup) 

KK: Ice cream (Pasta) 

6: What is the name of your best friends crush?

A: Phil Lester (yup) 

KK: Joe Sugg (nah not really…) 

7: What is your best friends biggest fear?

A:  Spiders (no death) 

KK:  The dark (Dentist) 

8: What 3 items could your best friend not live without?

A: Phone, piano and hairbrush (no it’s my phone,  my foundation and TABINOF book) 

KK: Phone, dance shoes and piano (phone dances shoes and dried mango

9: What is your best friends favourite 3 movies?

A: hunger games, divergent and maze (hunger games, maze runner and twilight

KK: minions, divergent and twilight (yup) 

10: What is your best friends favourite part of their body?

A: lips (yup) 

KK:  eyes (yup) 

11: What is two things your best friend doesn’t know about you?

A:  I once did a turn and nearly fell off a cliff and I don’t know 

KK: I was on the radio and I will eat all food except rockett 

12:  How would you describe your best friends ideal partner?

A: Loyal and want to have kids and they will give me a back massage (loyal caring and love me loads and shows that love (;!)

KK: loyal hot and caring (have to take me to macdonaleds but I don’t really hace exact things) 

13:  How long does it take your best friend to get dressed?

A: 37 mins (an hour at least) 

KK: 40 mins (3 mins) 

14: What’s your best friends favourite season and why?

A: Autem because you have a lot of photos of your feet in leaves and you look like an Autem person (winter because I have my birthday and it’s a cosy Season) 

KK: summer because you like being outside (I provably like winter and summer and spring and Autem) 

15: What’s your best friends dream job:

A: Is a performer (yup)

KK: a dancer (yup) 

16: If you were out together what would your best friend eat?

A:  carrots (no pizza) 

KK: pasta (a cucumber) 

17: What do you most admire about your best friend? 

A:your singing (Awww) 

KK: how productive you are and how God damn pretty you are (I’m not but ok)

18: if your best friend had to wear eithe a tee or blouse what would they wear?

A: a blouse (tee) 

KK: tee (yup) 

19:  What three items does your best friend always carry with them?

A: phone foundation a pen ( you can’t just say what I can’t live without?! phone snack and water) 

KK: phone food map (you mean google maps! phone earphones gum) 

20:  What’s your best friends favourite TV show?

A: BGT (blue Peter gulity pleasure) 

KK: PLL (yup) 

21: What’s your best friends favourite type of movie?

A: action with currupted city’s (no currupted means loss of money A!! Sifi with romance

KK: action (same as yours currupted country’s) —

22: What’s your favourite inside joke?

Sportcentreing! We were doing German homework and there’s a word similar to sportcentring and it cracked us up but trust me we have a lot of inside jokes we could be here forever! 

23:  What’s your favourite memory you both share?

Meeting at the local Chinese restaurant… A would always get lost and end up there and call me! And I would run down from my house to find/ bring her to mine! But also my 13th sleepover! 

24:  What’s one thing that annoys you about your best friend? 

A:  Your quite dramatic 

KK: never awnser texts 

25:  Between you to who takes longer to get ready?


26:  Who would your best friend most like to meet?

A:  Dan and Phil (yup) 

KK: Joe Sugg (dance moms cast) 

27:  Does your best friend have any strange phobias? 

A:  glue guns (yup) 

KK:  loads can’t remember! 

28:  Does your best friend like loud or reasonable level music?

A: loud (reasonable) 

KK: reasonable (loud) 

29:  What is the last book your best friend read,

A:  breaking dawn (yup)

KK: new moon (yup) 

30: Does your best friend have any nicknames?

A:  Your Nutella/Saunders 

KK:  Your French 

31:  What concerts has your best friend been to?

A: Elie golding (Taylor swift) 

KK: you haven’t been to any 

32:  What is one thing your best friend would want for their birthday?

A: audio book of TABINOF (YAS)

KK: Yoga mat (customised pair of tap and point shoes) 

33: What is your best friends greatest achievement?

A: when you did 200 back bounces (no! My performing arts exam) 

KK: doing your areal first time (getting jaz results) 

34: What is your best friend really bad at? 

A: being productive 

KK:  asking to sit next to me in class and tidying your room 

35:  What is the meanest thing someone has said to your best friend? 

A:  when someone said that your ex must have been desperate 

KK: i don’t know 

36:  If your best friend has a scar how did they get it?

A: glue gun incident

KK:  I don’t know 

37:  Is your best friend afried of the dark?

A: no 

KK: a bit 

38: If you best friend won the lottery what would they buy?

A: something to do with theatre (YouTube merch) 

KK:  dance studio (yup) 

39:  Was your best friend named after anyone?

A: no 

KK:  no 

40:  What was your best friends favourite show as a child?

A: Trapped 

KK:  You don’t have one 

41: Where does your best friend want to live when they are older?

A: South Africa (London) 

KK: Brighton (yup) 

42:  Has your best friend ever had surgery?

A: no 

KK: no not yet……..

43:  How many children does your best friend want and what will their names be?

A:  2-3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl and to called summer Jake and Maddie and close together in age (yeah you know me so well) 

KK: she doesn’t know 

44:  Has your best friend ever been out of the country?

A: yes

KK: yes and won’t shut up about it..

45:  Does your best friend like to save their money?

A:  yup but if you see something you like you’ll get it 

KK: Nah 

46: What’s your best friends favourite animal?

A: koala (no dolphin) 

KK: pig (penguin) 

47: Which game does your best friend like the most?

A:  monopoly (flow) 

KK: colour switch (yup) 

48: Can you describe your best friend in one word?

A: loud 

KK: crazy 

49: Does your best friend sing in the shower 

A: you do (loudly) 

KK: I imagine you do 

50: What’s your best friends favourite type of sandwich?

A: tuna (cheese) 

KK: Nutella (ham) 
So I hope you enjoy this long yet quite cool post! It was a lot of fun to make we certainly had a laugh! I will never know why I should eat a carrot on a night out? Let me know if you’d like to see A back here for some more randomness! See ya later my Krazies X  



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