So I asked about what people thought I should talk about and a (very beautiful and talented) girl said I should talk about confidence. But I also thought it was a good idea so here we go! 

Now confidence is something that we all need and all should have! But it comes in more than just one form. To some people it can be having the courage to speak in front of people but to some it can be to have confidence in yourself and to think your beautiful no matter what. All types of confidence is a good sign but it’s a tricky thing. Not have enough and you’ll lose yourself but have to much and become cocky. Most people can get the right balance though so it’s ok. 

Recently I have ended a relationship. I wasn’t happy with it at all. I had nothing against the boy it was just the fact I came to realise that I was dating someone I didn’t have interest in. That’s one of the things that girls in particular have. They feel so self conscious that when a guy says he likes her even if she doesn’t feel the same about him she will think “oh he likes me no ones ever felt like that before might as well see” and she will say yes. This is how I felt and that’s not good! Everyone should feel confident and comfy in their own body and be happy. This can also be the cause of so many people suffering with depression and that in no way is ok! People even though they have their flaws shouldn’t think they should be different! If you want to change something about yourself then do it don’t sit there and watch the world go by! Obviously there are certain things we can’t change but that’s what makes us us! So don’t be put off just because you have a few things your not happy with!

Then there’s having the confidence to speak out or just stepping out of your comfort zone! This can be incredibly difficult for some people! But you need to think of is how happy you will be when you’ve achieved that thing! Won’t you be happy! Yes it may take you a long time to get there but you will be so proud of yourself if you do! I once again can relate. I go to a theatre arts school and our (beautiful) singing teacher always puts solos on the less confident ones just to encourage them to do more. I happen to be one of those people! When it comes to drama I’m fine I know what I’m doing bud when it’s singing I can’t! And somehow I got two HUGH solos in our production of hairspray! I was terrified truly I was because I know how bad I am at singing! But when she HERSELF said I was doing great that pushed me, hard! I was so determined to do these solos that I did it! It really shows at what a bit of encouragement can do! Haha! So if this is something similar to you then don’t worry just try hard and encouragement will make sure you get there trust me! And don’t think to much about what people think! They may not show it but you never know they could be really happy for you! It’s not always about impressing people either it can be about doing something you’ve never done before but just go for it! As they say the only thing you will regret is not taking the chance you had! So just do it nothing is going to happen if you trip up or stutter on your words the worlds not going to end! So I hope that helped you all! See ya later my Krazies X  



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