These are very hard things to deal with! I know a (beautiful) girl who has gone through a lot recently with relationships. So some of this is for her but I feel it can be for anyone really. So here we go! 

Relationships are things that humans need. They need them to survive! Its part of nature and for girls and guys in the teenage years it’s one of the most important things in their life! It controls them. Makes them feel differently to how they would if it was just a friend! So when you do get a boyfriend or girlfriend it can feel amazing you love them and they love you and all that soppy stuff! But when something happens within the relation it can cause earthquakes! But the thing is when this does happen it may feel like the end of the world. (especially when your a teenager) but it shouldn’t. You have many more people to meet and more experiences to have so you can’t  say your world is over when you have no idea who’s out there! So if your still not convinced think of it this way… Think about the amount of people you know who have kids. Even if they aren’t together now they were at one point…and they must have been deeply in love to have kids…..and think how many people do you know who do! Pretty much everyone! So you will find someone! Maybe not for a while and maybe not forever but you will have someone someday! So just because the love of your life breaks up with you when your 14 don’t think it’s the end of the world! Now even though I’m making it sound easy I know it’s not….so if this does happen then i suggest the following 5 things. 

1. Forget all homework you were going to do that night (unless it’s due the next day which in that case you should have done it earlier) 

2. Take a bath and throw in all bubble bath treats! Light a candle and read a book or listen to music 

3. Make yourself a hot drink or snack or your favourite food 

4. Watch or do something that makes you smile and laugh! Maybe your favourite YouTube video that puts you in historical laughter every time

5. Forget them! If they dumped you then they never deserved such a beautiful caring person like you! So don’t let them get in your way!  

Just remember that one day you will find someone who loves you just as much as you love them don’t give up hope! X 

(Btw I’m single and god damn happy to be and I would be really REALLY happy if you followed this blog!) 

  See you later my Krazies X 


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