The emoji tag 

So I was reading through my TABINOF book (the amazing book is not on fire) and realise they did a “emojinterview” and I thought it was a cool idea so I’m gonna do it! 

Question 1: How are you?  


Question 2: What are your most used emojis? 


Question 3: find an emoji you have never used?  


Question 4:
Favourite emoji


Question 5:
Whar was the first thing you did when you woke up?  


Question 6:
Describe your dream last night? 


Question 7:
What does your ideal Saturday night consist of?  


Question 8:
What is the last thing you will see before you die?


Question 9
: What will you be doing in 20 years?  


Question 10:
What does the future look like?  


Question 11:
What is your worst nightmare?  


Question 12
: What would you buy with £10 million? 


Question 13
: What is you first memory?  


Question 14:
What do you do on a plane?  


Question 15:
Dream holiday?  


Question 16
: Describe your friends in 4 emojis?  


Question 17
: Get your friends to describe you in 4 emojis?  


So I hope you enjoyed that! I certainly did! It was quite funny seeing what my friends thought I was in emojis! Feel free to do this as well! See ya later my Krazies X 



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