I’m passionate so I’m going to do it! 

Most people are passionate about 1 thing or another! It could be baking,singing or dancing! Anything it’s your life you choose what you want to do with it! And yes, I am a nonfunctional human being but I’m passionate about doing something so I will make it my goal to do what I love. 

Just over a year ago the performing group I’m part of were lucky enough to host a variety performance at the waterside (our local theatre)! It was one of the best performances ever! Normally we hold our performances at a school and it’s never as brilliant than doing it on a huge stage in front of thousands of people! The place was packed! I loved it so so so much! The lights the music the heat! It has and always will be something I remember for a very long time! But also getting to do it with your friends! That’s  just even better! I know me and my (gorgeous,talented and crazy) friends will always remember our performances! we support each other so much! If one of us feels upset the rest are always there for them no matter what! And being able to spend the whole weekend with some of the best people I know is just amazing! The thing I remember the most was the finale! We were doing this show we another performing group and to be honest they weren’t the best….so they were all pretty blown away with our performance haha! But the finale………gosh it was just the best! (We sang the200 of us bridge of light) and with over 200 voices singing such a powerful song it can really blow and be emotional (our singing teacher was apparently crying backstage because we were so good)! It is one of the best days of my life! 


this is the theatre we performed in
Another performance I will always remember was going to see hairspray with my school. I had never seen hairspray before this so it was amazing! It’s such an upbeat and emotional musical that it can really make people feel great! I was lucky enough to be sitting very close to the front so I got one of the best experiences ever! Ever since that performance that has been a goal of mine. One day I want to be up on that stage in that musical. Singing acting and dancing my heart out. Then hearing the applause of those who have watched and enjoyed! A around of applause always make a performer feel great about them self it means the work they put in was worth it! So I would truly love to be in hairspray when I’m older it would just be incredible to carry on doing something I feel so passionate about! So I’m hoping soon maybe in the next few years to audition for an agency? What you think should I? It would be great for a job! But would I be good enough? But you know what! I’m   passionate about it so I’m going to achieve my dream and carry it on long into the future with all my friends and have some of the best times ever! As I said before my friends have always been there for me (even when my mic was taking forever to put on and my friend had to cover for me while Tony Hadly was watching!) Even though these friends are amazing I see them once a week so staying motivated in the other time is hard but I know that they are there and are some of the best! 

So feel positive and achieve that dream you’ve had for so long 

See ya later my Krazies X 


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