6 reasons to smile 

I feel that when your a teenager you seem to think the world is against you, and everything seems like the end of the world. Recently I’ve become so much more happy than I was. I used to feel that even when I was laughing I was still unhappy and that’s a horrible place to be, horrible! But people don’t realise that you have a choice, you don’t have to be upset you can be happy…. We all have things in life that make us happy (for me it’s performing and YouTube) we maybe just haven’t found it yet! But unless you give up you will be happy! it just may take some time but DONT GIVE UP!! You will find that happy place! So to get you started I’ve put together six reasons why you should be happy and you should smile .

1. It could be worse! Yes sometimes you feel incredibly unlucky but you have a good life! There are people out there who are dying of hunger and dehydration! So just be thankful that your in the position your in it could be worse! I know it’s incredibly chessy but it’s true!  

2. Your time will come! If your reading this your are probably a teenager and you may feel trapped! Don’t worry one day you will be free to live your life just not yet! But it will come and you can go and live your dreams! 

3. Your are unique! You may not feel pretty but you are! It doesn’t always have to be on the outside it mostly is on the inside! You may feel ugly on the outside but on the inside your an angel! So don’t put yourself down because people either tell you you are ugly or you believe you are!

4. Someone out there loves you! If relationships are hard then this is an important one! This is a very big world we live in you will find that true love one day trust me you will! I haven’t found mine yet so we can all be single together! (Tbh I like being single better you can stalk gorgeous boys on Instagram and Twitter!)

5.True friends! Friendships are one of the most complicated things ever! Sometimes they are great and they are the best things ever….and sometimes you feel like pulling their eyes out! Haha I certainly have a few times! But you will always have that one friend who’s looking out for you! And you may be thinking “no I defiantly do not!” Well you do …..me! Haha yeah I’ll be your friend I’ll look out for you when your upset and share jokes with you! Unless your some criminal………any ways just always be there for your friends and they’ll be there for you! Trust me! 

6. Your getting there! No matter if you’ve achieved your dream or not you will achieve it as long as your passionate about doing it you will achieve it so there’s no need to worry that you won’t when you haven’t even begun achieving it!

This is a quote from an amazing youtuber I would HIGHLY  recommend having a look at! He is so positive in a all his videos that it makes me smile and feel like I can achieve what I want to! Here’s a link to his lastest video: https://youtu.be/Fugt1qHl29s

His name is Alfie Deyes for those of you who may not know and his channel is Pointlessblog (his “main” channel) and Pointlessblogvlogs (the channel I recommend)     


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