Ten top tips to performing 

Hello world and today KrazyKoala is socialising! That’s not the point of this blog post though haha! Today I’m joined by Rachel! Aka Brillteen! Go and check her out I love her blog and I’m sure you will too! So today we are going to be talking about “Ten top tips to performing!” We are both very passionate about performing Rachel is an amazing dancer and I’m a (training) triple threat…ok on with the tips!

Rachel: Don’t be afried to ask for help! When your dancing or acting you sometimes don’t know what your doing and that can leave you in a bit of a mess. But sometimes your scared to ask but you shouldn’t be because people may seem scary but that can be really nice.                                             KrazyKoala: Yeah I would totally agree it’s so easy to “think” your ok but in actual fact you look like some twat who has no idea what in the world they are doing 

KrazyKoala: Don’t think to hard! Because the second you start thinking everything crumbles. You just need to think about the words your saying or the music your dancing to not about what’s going on around you.                          Rachel: Also trust you know what your doing when your thinking negotivly you will some how mess up but when you just go along with it it all plays out! 

Rachel: Preperation! Some times you have quick changes and if your stuff is all over the place you aren’t going to find things in 2 minutes very easily.         KrazyKoala: Yeah I know all to well the stress of quick changes……..when your in pitch blackness trying to change a mic in 15 seconds it is literally A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION!!! Ok maybe not but you get my point..   Rachel: So make sure to have everything prepared before starting.

KrazyKoala: Be passionate about what your doing. If your not giving it 110% what’s the point of doing it at all? Also people can tell when your not putting your heart into it and that makes them enjoy what your doing less.                         Rachel: It’s also horrible for those who have to work with you they will be maybe annoyed or not like what your contributing to the performance. 

Rachel: Look and smile (obviously  if it goes with what your performaning)! People look really self conscious when they look down and also if your enjoying it so will the audience.                   KrazyKoala: Yup and in acting or drama if someone is looking down NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU!! I get this a lot from my drama teacher if your not looking up your not projecting. 

KrazyKoala: Rehearse by yourself! Your teacher isn’t always going to be there for you! If you learn what your meant to in the rehearsal and then forget it when you get home when you go back to the following rehearsal it’s like going back to square one! If you didn’t know I’ve recently been in a production myself and I was given a HUGH role (I have no idea why) and I’ve never had to learn so many things at once so going over the things I already knew at home was SUCH a big help!                                       Rachel: Yup,  when given a dance to learn it can be very stressful especially when you have more than one to learn so going over it in your own time can be very helpful. 

Rachel: Look after yourself! Your body will be going through a lot at a very high intensity and I know In my case you will have loads of makeup put on your skin and will your skin be exposed to a lot of things!                                 KrazyKoala: Definitely keep hydrated as well! With it being so hot and so exhausting you need to keep a lot of water and food inside you.                                               Rachel: Also when your at home keep a to a good diet and don’t spend every given hour rehearsing you will wear yourself out even before you get on stage. 

(At this point in writing I nearly fell out of a window…….I was trying to open it and nearly fell out don’t ask why) 

KrazyKoala: Take a break!…..well if your me its more break than rehearsal but let’s pretend it’s not!                                                 Rachel: Defiantly because I will always find myself chorgraphing something and 5 minutes later be flat on the floor unable to move KrazyKoala: Great image Rachel….. But seriously don’t just be about rehearsal also make it about having fun. 

Rachel: Believe and have the confidence to do it! When your sitting waiting for an audition or a performance and your saying “I can’t do this” you most likely won’t. I really wish someone told me this earlier because it helps a lot.                                          KrazyKoala: Yeah for sure! Because I’m very self conscious about performing it doesn’t become fun after a while just stressful and if your trying to hard on being good you won’t do it so just go along with the flow and you’ll be fine. 

Have fun! It doesn’t always have to be stressful it can be fun! Spending time with all your mates having a laugh and just doing what you love! And to be honest I kinda like the stress it gives your a feel of electricity and energy! But seriously I remember performing and it was the best! It was always the highlight of my week! Just having the best time ever with some of the best people ever can you agree Rachel?    Rachel: Defiantly!

Well there we go! I hope all of you performers out there have learned something from this seeing as Rachel has been dancing for 5 years and I have been performing for 9 I think we have a bit of experience between us! Well I hoped you enjoyed me being social (saying that I mean talking to Rachel over FaceTime but that doesn’t matter) and all feel inspired to go outside! That isn’t the moral of this post but it sure could be! Well thank you for coming Rachel and hope to see you again soon! X

See ya later my Krazies X 


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