This is a dirty secret of mine and I’m sure many others! If you have literally no idea what I’m talking about first…where have you been! And second RUN and never look back, once you are a fangirl you are nothing else! You turn into an emotional wreck everytime you open a social media site! It takes over your life! It controls you! It makes you think and discover things you never wanted to! So RUN!…..You haven’t left have you…thought not! For those who are maybe new to the world of “internet” fangirling is when a teenage girl (or boy) becomes obsessed over something and it literally ruins their (my) life! Every song you hear seems to fit so well to the fanfic (we aren’t even going to get started there!)

Now the reason I wanted to post this is because me myself am a huge fangirl..and this is something I hold very close to my heart! So why not tell the world about it and hope someone out there can relate. 

For me it’s the holidays at the moment so I haven’t really got much to do! Well I could be doing homework or helping around the house but………no! So I’ve spent most of my days being antisocial and going on the Internet. THIS IS VERY UNPRODUCTIVE AND DOES NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING!!!!  Now this has come to make me realise something. Am I turning into a nobody? Am I going to be unsuccessful because I spend my life doing nothing? Or will I change over time? Has the Internet over powered us and made all teenagers antisocial or is it just me…….maybe just me! No change there then! Even though being a fangirl has its down sides (as stated above) it also has its ups. You meet people who have the same interests as you! You can share all your emotions with someone!

So for those of you who may need some help on how to go around fangirling I’ve thought and put together my 3 top tips for fangirling! Enjoy (: 

1: Sharing opinions! This isn’t always the best! People can disagree, think differently or just have a different opinion. So be careful when doing this! 

2: involvement! Make sure to always be involved in any meme, song, or book that comes out because trust me it’s fun and that’s the whole point of fangirling! Oh and also side note make sure to follow whoever your fangirling over on every SINGLE social media you can!

3: Keeping it close! It’s great to share with friends what you feel passionately about but be careful! Make sure to only be a ‘casual’ fangirl not an intense fangirl because that leads to crying at every photo of whoever your fangirling over and staring out the classroom window unaware of the question your teacher is trying to put on you.

So there we go! If I’ve scared you from the Internet forever (soz) or have made you feel a bit more human I hoped you enjoyed and don’t think I’m to weird and are willing to come back for more of my posts (: X (I’ve decided that I’ll be posting on Mondays and Thursday’s! See ya later my Krazies X 


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